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Here at Triton Window Distributors it is our goal to make the installation portion of your project as quick, easy and unobtrusive as possible. While there are some unforeseen circumstances that can arise that no one can predict until the existing units are removed, there are many things that we do and that the homeowner can do to facilitate the process.

In our Scope of Work, signed at the time of contract signing, there is a list of those items included in the install and those that are not.

Examples of some of the items included are: removal of old units, interior sealants, exterior sealants, interior plaster (if necessary), exterior stucco (if necessary), the cleaning of the product and the disposal of the old units.

Triton Window Distributors always recommends that the homeowner remove any blinds or draperies around the units as well as any furniture near the units. Installations cause a significant amount of dust.

We always lays a drop cloth around the immediate area. Other items that are not included in Triton’s Scope of Work include, but are not limited to: replacement of window sills, replacement of moldings, removal of security bars or shutters, paint, rewiring alarms, etc.

Should any unforeseen circumstances arise, Triton will never leave their clients “high and dry.” We always work with the homeowner to help resolve any issues or put you in contact with someone who can.

Always remember that Window and Door Replacement is a construction job and as such will cause dust.

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