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Permit Processing & Engineering

Permit Processing & Engineering
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Permit Processing

Miami-Dade County PermitsAll projects contracted by Triton Window Distributors must be done with a permit from the respective city. Oftentimes, pulling a permit in different municipalities can prove frustrating and confusing.

To facilitate your project, we offer this service to each of our clients. Depending on the municipality and its requirements, the costs and processes can be different.

Certain municipalities require a simple house drawing while others require site specific wind-load calculations and drawings that are signed and sealed by an engineer. All cities require Product Approvals and some additional items (such as a permit application, condo letter, notice of commencement, etc.).

Should the homeowner choose to have Triton go through the permitting process for them, then we will coordinate all appointments with our engineer and submit all items for approval in the respective cities.

On the day of the installation, the permit and all necessary documents will be at the jobsite and following your installation, we will coordinate the inspection and have someone on the jobsite that day to make sure that your project is finalized.


Impact Windows MiamiAll projects done by Triton Window Distributors are done with a permit.

Windows and doors within hurricane areas must pass certain requirements (ex. Impact resistance tests and wind pressure tests).

Certain cities in South Florida require plans and site specific drawings that are signed and sealed (engineering) as per their building codes along with a products Notice of Acceptance (NOA). These documents are a testament of the approval of a product under county regulations. They also contain Design Pressure (DP) charts.

Homes in any of the wind-borne debris regions must have windows and doors with specific design pressure ratings. This consists of a positive number and a negative number. The positive number is the pressure created by wind blowing at a window or door, while the negative number is the vacuum pressure on the opposite side (inside of the home) of the product.

If a specific city requires engineering, then Triton contacts its engineer and sends them out to the homeowner’s property. Within a few days the engineer provides us with the specific design pressures for each of your homes openings.

Once we have these, we make sure that all products for your home meet the required pressures. If so, your project then continues as planned. If not, then the glass needs to be upgraded to heat strength glass so that the product meets the pressures and an additional fee may apply.

Although this process may seem confusing and complicated, Triton Windows does all it can to make sure that it is as simple and seamless for our customers as possible.

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