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Impact Window Benefits

When most people think of Impact Resistant Windows and Doors, and they immediately relate them to Hurricanes. However, there are a world of benefits that these windows provide you with that many are not even aware of.

Hurricane Protection  |  Energy Efficiency  |  Home Security  |  Noise Reduction  |  Insurance Discounts

Hurricane Protection:

Hurricane protection is often the first benefit that customers focus on when shopping for windows, especially those in the Southeast region of the United States and the Caribbean.

All impact products sold by Triton Window Distributors are approved by Miami-Dade standards, the strictest in the country.

They are tested by shooting a 9 foot 2x4 at 50mph straight into the glass, assuring homeowners that they are getting the protection they need in the case of a big storm. Aside from protection when a storm hits, Impact windows allow for the convenience of not having to put up storm shutters at the last minute and feeling trapped in your home for days, as well as improving the “look” of your home.








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