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Impact Window Benefits

When most people think of Impact Resistant Windows and Doors, and they immediately relate them to Hurricanes. However, there are a world of benefits that these windows provide you with that many are not even aware of.

Hurricane Protection  |  Energy Efficiency  |  Home Security  |  Noise Reduction  |  Insurance Discounts

Energy Efficiency:

In today’s world of growing concern for our environment, Triton Window Distributors has been pushing its Insulated products more than ever. Aside from helping our environment by keeping your home from using excess energy, which in turn means less pollution for the planet, energy-efficient windows have a monetary benefit for the homeowner - significant savings on your home’s energy bill each month.

Energy-efficient windows, also referred to as insulated glass windows, consist of two panes of glass separated by a space. The perimeter of the glass is sealed, allowing no movement of outside air into the space. The space itself can be filled with dehydrated air, or with a special gas. The type of glass, the type of spacer, and the type of gas used in the space contribute to the overall insulating efficiency of the glass.

The glass for these insulated products comes either coated or uncoated. Coated glass is referred to as “LoE,” which stands for “low emissivity.” This coating is a thin layer of metallic oxide that decreases the transmission of heat through the glass. It also decreases the amount of Ultraviolet Light (UV) that enters your home, which protects furniture and carpets from being faded.

The gas that is used to fill the space between the glass is argon - the highest quality available. This gas has qualities that decrease the movement of heat through the space, giving improved efficiency.

What does all of this mean to you, the customer? Annual savings for those who choose energy-efficient windows can be anywhere between $600 - $900 in Florida.

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